For all your IT needs we can find a solution. Have a look at the pre-configured mini-pc’s and laptops. For your company or home use, wheter you need one or 100 systems. Always exactly as orderd and discussed, completely free from bloatware and other nonsens. Standard we deliver with 2 years of warranty, and we provide spare parts as long as we can get them ourselfs. Want to fix your own device? Great, no problem! You will even keep your warranty, granted you follow the service manual and perform the repairs properly. Service manuals are available for every single device we sell, for free.

Providing the highest service and flexability in customization, we provide all kinds of Operating Systems. Wheter you want Windows or Linux we got what you want, provided it can run on the system that is orderd. Providing advice and consulting is also something we do, so if you are not sure what you need we are happy to help!